What is a Liturgical Calendar?

The church divides the year into eight seasons. Each season has a particular theme that influences the church's worship, reading, teaching and preaching activities during that season. One can also follow the Liturgical calendar in one's own spirituality and be guided by it in meditation and prayer life. A Lectionary (set Scripture readings) stipulates one specific reading to be done for each day of the year, and is also compiled according to the Liturgical Calendar to celebrate the theme of the season.

The Liturgical year of the Church starts on the first Sunday of September. The eight seasons are: 

Creation ( Sept 1 to Oct 12)
Paradise ( Oct 13 to Nov 9)
The Search ( Nov 10 to Dec 28)
Holy Mother (Dec 29 to '98 Feb 15)
Holy Father ( Feb 16 to April 5)
The Way ( April 6 to May 24)
Prodigal Child ( May 25 to July 12)
Glory ( July 13 to Aug 30)

Each season of the Church reminds us of a particular aspect of God's activities and our return path back Home. Some communities like to change the colours of the church vestments for each season, this can be useful to remind us of the season.

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