Worship in Church of the East: Liturgy, Sacraments, Ritual in the Yoga of Jesus

worship and liturgy of ancient eastern spirituality of Jesus followers in ancient India. Yoga of Jesus our Lord and Saviour- Church of the East

Church of the East welcomes you to the Yoga of Jesus

What is a Sacrament in Church of the East?

A sacrament is an act, the start of a series of acts, of spiritual significance--but one of such significance that we experience the direct and immediate presence of the Spirit of God in that moment.  Sacraments are thus moments of mystical significance, moments wherein we Become, as we are made more aware.

Sacrament of the moment

Church of the East, being a mystical religious movement holds the sacrament of the moment very dear.  Sacraments are the high-Lights on the Way, and they can come to us in any form, at any time. An attitude of meditation, or an attitude of worship, is what we seek to hold and keep.  Attitude is what spiritual awareness is about.

The Concept of Worship In Church of the East

Without going into the semantics of the term worship, this page rather speaks to what worship means to us, and how it is usually done. We say 'usually' because the Church stipulates some forms of worship handed down to us through the past 1956 years--but these are by no means the only forms of worship allowed. We revere these forms of worship as standards by which any other form of worship is measured.

Culturally Conscious

Church of the East is culturally conscious. We are very sensitive to cultural issues in the sense that we investigate them, become aware of them, reject what is bad in it and hold to what serves our walk on the Way.  Our Lord teaches us to break free from culturally conditioned thinking.  Once we have accomplished this we are able to evaluate a cultural way, and decide out of free will to practice its custom or not. Consider Acts of Thomas 1:7ff where the Lord appears to a couple in their honeymoon bed moments before they are to consummate their marriage according to tradition.  The Lord teaches that one should not simply act as a culturally programmed robot and in this instance, get married because it is due time, have intercourse because it is expected and have sons because one needs one's bloodline to continue into posterity.  Sexual intercourse between people is too deep a spiritual sacrament to simply 'waste' in such a carnal manner--the teaching goes.  In fact, it should be a sacrament, a moment of worship.


The Eastern Bible

The entire Eastern Bible is devoted to the Yoga of Yesu. One Scripture which has particular emphasis on the variations and subtleties of Yoga, of that lifestyle being yoked to Christ, is the Baghavad Gita.

Church of the East's version of the beloved Gita is as old as the church herself.  The Baghavad Gita, for western tongued people comes across as a spiritual novel; and as the story unfolds of Christ volunteering to be the master devotee's charioteer in his spiritual war, we see the Truth unfold one after the other.  For the Sanskrit enabled devotee the yoga of the Bhagavad Gita is clearly poetic prose, captivating and almost every name, every description loaded with deeper mystical meaning.  

The Eastern Bible, Church of the East's Holy Scripture, helps devotees see the deeper mystical meanings in the text by providing hundreds of footnotes to guide the mystic devotee to deeper levels of understanding the Yoga of Jesus in the melodies of the Gita.

True Spirituality is True Freedom

Freedom from conditioned thinking is what Jesus came to teach humanity but the West suppressed the message, turning it on its head to become a political control device. 

Freedom is the essence of the divine message--Truth that allows Church of the East members to experience the intended ecstasy and happiness of Being. 

Church of the East forwards the Yoga of Jesus since 45AD. The Yoga of Jesus is the lifestyle and mysticism of Jesus' message to the East. 

The Yoga of Jesus is growing. Since 1996 Church of the East consciousness exploded in Western communities through its healing presence in South Africa, USA, Canada and lately in Western Europe. 

This Internet site is Church of the East's international meeting place. You may join in Yoga of Jesus chat rooms, download mpeg and library files and do short courses in spirituality and healing-or simply indulge in interactive areas where wholesome lifestyle, vegetarian recipes, sensuality, meditation, parenting and Being is discussed.

Church of the East members have access to hundreds of helpful pages.

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