What is Spirituality

Spirituality is a strange word since merely because it does exist it implies other terms which are as strange to understand. When one unravels these it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that the word Spirituality belongs to a particular philosophy. Lets take a brief walk on this path.

Simply speaking the human is one being in three parts. We like to understand things in this manner and it makes good sense for us to do so. We live in a three dimensional world (we see three dimensions) and we tend to understand most things, even the Ultimate, in three aspects. We understand ourselves to be Body (soma), Soul (psyche), and Spirit (pneuma). In a certain sense the Soul, or rational aspect (reasoning mind), acts as the intermediary between the Body and the Spirit. The term psychosomatic refers to the fact that soul has an effect on the body and body effects the soul. While this is true it is an incomplete statement since the human is a single three part being and whatever effects the one part has an effect on the other parts. We can thus come up with another term - pneumasomatic - to state that the body and the spirit is in relationship to one another

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