What is an Aura?

Note: the aura around Jesus' head, pictured on the left here, indicates the pure white aura of the seventh chakra.

This is an important question.

In the West, many Eastern spiritual principles are conveyed out of context. We found most people have an understanding of what an aura is (its a vibe;)) but they generally lack a solid foundation by which to understand the principle well enough to help them make sense of related concepts, and help filter nonsense from sense.

Following is a properly insufficient and rather rough explanation of how Church of the East devotees knows an aura.

Any conduit for a flow of energy has an aura around it. The aura is usually not the energy itself, rather more like a sheath of subtle energy that flows with the energy. Technicians working on high voltage lines are constantly working in the aura of these lines and they describe it as a sine wave that feels like thick air which one enters upon coming closer to it. Technicians working with PC-boards and microchips also know of the aura of a power line on the board, and it has to be accounted for in the design. Generators and batteries also show auras of energy around them.

The human is a large and intricate generator, battery, and conduit of various types of energy. In Sanskrit, these energies are called Citta (spiritual energy), Prana (mind or soul energy) and Akasa (a more crude energy responsible for vibrating molecules, maintaining atomic structures, etc). Each of these three 'types' of energy has many levels, or different frequencies, within its 'bandwidth'.

The physical body's most known PC-board is the nervous system with its network of nerve conduits. The physical body's CPU (central processing unit) is the brain. These have auras Akasa auras and Prana auras around them.

The mental body (soul) has an extensive network of prana conduits called meridians. Meridians have prana auras around them. The CPU system for this aspect of the human is more complex and consists of a seven-part integrated unit (like a PC motherboard with seven processors), and each processor is called a major chakra. Each chakra has an aura around it.

The spiritual being--us-our real and eternal selves--integrates with all the above systems and holds it all together to form a holistic unit called a human being. The spirit, being a large and powerful Citta energy field, has an aura around it.

The human being carries with it a complicated aura of Akasa, Prana and Citta energy. This energy field, commonly called the human aura, is experienced by other humans, and can be seen (in various forms) by most trained devotees. The human aura vibrates at any of thousands of different frequencies reflecting the state of the human's mind, body and spirit.



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