(St Origen)

This very special sharing of the secret of life for our times, this deepest of Yesu teaching, was not only extrapolated at length by academic theologians from the first century onward but was immediately put into practice by thousands (if not millions) of devotees over the years.

We learn from the Lord that we can only grow to wisdom of the higher mysteries if we engage ourselves in love. It is through the struggles of loving all, especially the unlovable, and ourselves, that we grow into the higher knowledge of the essence of our-self which is the Self, God, and of the higher mysteries of this universe.

It is thus only natural that Church of the East should place as a first priority the forwarding of this once secret formula to drink from the Holy Grail. We tend to first start welfare projects and from that usually flows devoted communities, lovers of the One, who both need and serve one another.


Some of the welfare communities maintain web sites  and are listed below (a new window will open):

Theosis Organisation
The House Group of Projects
Kulula Life Skills Center
Intombi Shelter
National Alliance for the Girl Child on the Street
Theosis Education Trust

is you and me, to minister to one another. Thank God the Church is not limited to the ordained clergy and the administrators - if that be true the Church would have been in greater shambles.

The Church is the Fellowship of all children with their Mother and Father God.

In Summary

We regard Spirituality as the manifestation of our relationship with the Divine. There is thus an emphasis on the Walk, rather than the
Talk. While the Talk is very important and must be done continually to serve seekers who may just be in your midst to learn -- the Walk is of primary importance.

Insofar as ministry and evangelization is concerned we know that to Be Yesu to people is more powerful than to Talk Yesu to people. Not that the talk is not important -- many miracles have been brought about by this -- but the Walk is of prime value. It is not so much Yesu's Talk (teaching) which inspires people but more so his Walk.

Spirituality is a prime concern in Church of the East.

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