Prayer does not change God's mind, it changes our minds

Prayer is a spiritual aid we are endowed with, an art we should acquire and that we need to survive and master the lessons of this life.

As little ones of God we are endowed with creative abilities greater than any other animal in creation.  Our creative abilities stretch much further than merely designing buildings and composing music and shuttling to other planets--we can learn to affect forces of nature, to channel immensely powerful energy, to heal and create peace, to help and to communicate.

How do we do it?

By prayer.  Prayer is meditation on a specific condition we need to bring about.  As we pray in earnest and in faith we mobilise cosmic forces, we extend our own spiritual energies over time and space, we infuse a situation or person or place with these 'corrective' energies and we bring about change.  We can, in the symbolic language of Yesu, move mountains.

Prayer is a spiritual discipline we instinctively know to work well.  Even the deluded person calling him/herself an atheist will suddenly shoot a prayer of help when in dire need.

How do we know we should get what we ask for?

That is the million dollar question.  We need to determine whether we need what we ask for.  According to the latest statistics from 'Akhasic Record Heaven Inc.', 83.4% of all prayers sent through their server are egocentric and, if they had to be realized and not interrupted by helping angels, would have caused long term misery for the pray-er.  A recent article in 'Heaven's Mainframe', states that most prayers are short, aggressive, and demanding that karmic lessons be removed.  That is so shortsighted and narcissistic--I mean, don't everyone know that the purpose of life is to face up and finally conquer one's weaknesses?

Even Yesu prayed; and at times not certain of Dharma, asked for something but added, 'Thy will be done'.  This shows understanding that we pray for something which we discern to be the right thing for the right time--but maybe it is not right, and maybe the angels should not move all that energy (or move a mountain) to change things if the Right thing is to be done...  

Things to pray for

Pray for guidance--then keep yourself spiritually tuned and alert to 'hear' the message
Pray for victory over evil--then keep praying, fighting the spiritual warfare, putting in more effort and energy than the evil of the opponents.
Pray to help condition your soul--prayers of gratitude, love, peace and goodwill are sent to the cosmos and fill your being.
Pray for peace and harmony in someone else's soul--then keep praying as that someone destroys what you send until eventually your good energy overcomes the negative energy in their surround.

Prayer tips

Prayer in its pure form is like brain washing.  To work it must be an ongoing process and must be followed by actions and must result in total belief of the reality that the prayed-for condition is busy happening.
Quick little prayers are like memo-stickers that serve to remind you to take that issue to serious prayer at some stage.
Ritual prayer is effective only when one immerses oneself in the mystery, and only then
Prayer is what gives us the upper hand in the quest for righteousness, peace and harmony on earth.  Prayer is the supernatural vehicle we need to do combat and manipulate the supernatural.


Prayer with passion is most effective.  Beware the evil intentioned pray-er who prays with intense passion of greed, hatred and jealousy--it may just be stronger than our little nice prayers--it may just affect our society.

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