The western aspect of Church of the East is a very recent (1996) revival of this ancient Tradition. The western Church looks, sounds and possibly feels different to the remaining eastern churches because of Church of the East's ability to adapt herself to different cultures. What we do have in common with all other aspects of Church of the East is a common allegiance to the same Lord, the same Scripture and the same Tradition and all clergy resort under tutelage of one authority.

We hold especially dear to our hearts a sacred set of Scriptures collected as the Eastern Bible.

Church of the East places a high premium on Spirituality which is a lifestyle with us. We firmly believe in experiencing life to the full extent and attempt to refuse a mundane existence. To this effect we also adhere to the principle of Sacred Sensuality which enriches our lives to the purpose of spiritual growth. We hold male, female and child in the same regard since we hold the Male and Female aspects of God, and our Childship, close to heart and mind.

Heaven for us is a state of existence which we endeavour to cultivate 'inside ourselves', in a manner of speaking, and hell is a state of existence we try not to cultivate inside ourselves and we endeavour to eradicate it when found that others are suffering this affliction.

We believe in sacred marriages, sacred sensuality, sacred fellowship, as sacraments, the family unit, the spiritual family, mysticism, works of mercy, simplicity, ecstasy, spiritual discipline and living life holistically.

We are taught to challenge culturally generated thought patterns and we are usually not thought to be very normal. We inherit both a passion for helping children in difficult circumstances and a tolerance for the beliefs of others.

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