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Other Scripture used by the Church are with reserve--meaning that we read and study the books taking special cognizance of the milieu that produced the books and thus colour the truth accordingly.  

One example of this is the Gospel of John.  We love the book for its beautiful illustrations and use of allegorical language.  When we study the work we are especially aware of the fact that the author of the book likes to use allegory (as most eastern works are), but that western adherents of the book usually read it literally.  In terms of John's descriptions of a 'virgin birth' and Yesu's pre-existence as a part of God--we do ascribe to both notions--but not in the same way as someone who would believe that Yesu's biological mother remained a biological virgin, and that she is the mother of God.  The book is thus accepted, loved and studied--with reserve.

With this reserved attitude we like to also read the so-called Gospels and many Vedic poems, prayers and sayings of the masters (Upanishads).  Although we do not regard other Scripture as essential for our walk we can easily find sustenance, beauty and Truth in most.

In the esoteric Tradition of the Church the teaching of Yesu our Lord is studied from The Eastern Bible and the collected series Teaching of the Saviour to The Magdalenes, a fragment of which today exists in the West by the name of 'Gospel of Mary'. 

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