What is Wayism

Wayism is the philosophy and lifestyle explained by the Lord Iesous (Jesus in Latin) in the 1st century.

Wayism, in whatever form, is always marked by the following basic identifications:

  • Wayism was preached by Iesous (Jesus in Latin) all over the world from Egypt to Northern India
  • Wayism is rooted in ancient Vedic culture from the Upanishadic era: Tat Tvam Asi
  • Wayism is centered on Humility, Simplicity and Compassion
  • Wayism is best explained in the Wayist book, WAYISM: The Primary Text
  • Wayist devotional life is centered on the Father in Heaven (who is not a Creator God) and the celestial being Avalokiteshvara, called Christ by some.

Wayism is at the foundation of several religious reformations that took place in the 1st century. Christianity, the Mahayana movement and the Bhakti movement, for example.

All true Wayist organizations are registered with International Association of Wayist Organizations, the international body that guards the purity of Wayist teaching and hold patent, copyright and trademarks of several Wayist marks of identification.

In popular culture, several Wayist-like groups have come and gone over the years. The concept was even used in science fiction, in television shows and in video games.