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Freedom from Culturally Conditioned Thinking

Church of the East is the original holy instrument installed by our Lord Yesu the Saviour and his close devotee St. Thomas the Twin. 


The purpose of Church of the East is to forward the Yoga of Jesus to all humanity.  

Freedom from culturally conditioned thinking, and the one command of Love (humility, simplicity and compassion) are what Jesus came to teach humanity.

As Church of the East expands its presence in North America the Truth sets us free to experience life in its fullness. 

Freedom is the essence of the divine message--Truth that allows Church of the East members to experience the intended ecstasy and happiness of Being. 

The Yoga of Jesus is the lifestyle and mysticism of Jesus' message to the East. 

Those who look toward the East for liberty look to where the Light rises to bring life, and uncover what was hidden in ignorance.

Wayist Foundations

Church of the East is the original devotional community started by the Wayist, Thomas, in the Kashmir / Srinigar areas of Northern India in the 1st century. Thomas started the community to receive western Wayists who fled the destruction of the world of the Jews which started in 70AD when the Roman military sacked the city of Jerusalem. Thomas was a Wayist, a follower of the Lord Iesous (Jesus in Latin) who establsihed Wayism as a mystical path and Wayism as a philosophical lifestyle.

Church of the East is the original western expression of devotional Wayism. Wayist Church of the East is an independant movement, not under management of the International Wayist Organization. Wayist Church of the East is not a Christian movement; Christianity is a Jewish reformation movement that started about 20 years after Iesous had ascended back to Heaven. In Buddhism, there was also a reformation movement that embraced Wayist teaching, it is called Mahayana. Iesous explained and embraced The Way, his Wayists were neither Christians nor Buddhists, they were and are Wayists.


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